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Hands on training

Learn faster and retain more knowledge while you build usable applications and learn timeless production strategies and software design patterns.



Join a study group

Most app builders use agile methodologies. It's a good idea to start practicing them as soon as possible by collaborating with other students on projects and assignments.



Test yourself

Exercises are all self-grading using unit tests; the same type you'll use to test your own app projects.

"There’s no better course than this!"

Kyle Simpson, 'You Don't Know JS' (O'Reilly)

"Excellent treatment of a tricky topic!"


Fighting Poverty with Code

There is an international movement going on to end homelessness for good.

This is personal. Programming turned things around for me, and it can do the same for others. Your support funds JavaScript training for housing-first programs.

Funding the training program


We’re raising money to fund the pilot training program. We raised 250% to fund the first four courses on Kickstarter. Now we need a way to deliver the courses to our users. When you purchase a course for yourself, you’re giving the gift of code to those most in need. Thanks for your incredible support!