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“Learn JavaScript with Eric Elliott” is an online course series meant to teach important JavaScript application development skills with in-depth video, text, and lots of self-grading interactive exercises that offer instant feedback. Lots of JavaScript training programs will teach you JavaScript basics, syntax, and various built-in functions. “Learn JavaScript with Eric Elliott” is not a language reference. That’s what Google and MDN are for. These courses are designed to teach you how to build apps. You’ll learn timeless software design skills that you’ll be able to apply in every aspect of your career, even when you’re not programming everything in JavaScript.

I’ll teach you about the development processes, techniques, and tools my teams and I use to produce apps that we’ve grown from zero to tens of millions of monthly active users. You’ll learn software design principles that no other JavaScript training program is teaching, including often-neglected topics like how to think in prototypal inheritance, and how to make your application more scaleable with functional programming.

We started creating the courses in December, 2013, and we’re on schedule to release the first course in Feb, 2015. We’ve put a lot of thought, effort and care into creating courses that will serve you well your entire career. These are the courses I wish I had when I started my career.

The best part is that your purchase will help establish housing-first job training programs for the homeless. We’re working with leaders in the housing-first movement to help the homeless learn great job skills so they can find great jobs and stay off the streets permanently.

For a very limited time, we’re selling pre-order limited lifetime access passes that will give you access to the full roster of courses, along with a video archive of my recorded talks, webcasts, and video blog posts.

Buy your lifetime access pass now, while you still can! =)

– Eric Elliott

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  • Scott says:

    I have been studying Javascript for a few months from online schools and books. Your course seems really interesting but also possibly a bit advanced for someone like me. Just want your opinion on this and, if you agree, can you point me to a good resource that will get me up to speed so I can take your course. I love learning Javascript but want to learn it the right way. Thanks.

    • ericelliott says:

      Hi Scott,

      You’ll want to start here and make sure you’ve read “Eloquent JavaScript” before diving into my courses, but I’m trying to make the courses as approachable as possible for people of all skill levels. I’ll tackle each concept in depth with a variety of exercises to help beginners get up to speed, but also throw in enough meat and rare JavaScript knowledge and programming insights to keep advanced JavaScript developers satisfied, as well.

  • Innoirving says:


    I have just bought the Lifetime Access Pass for Programming Javascript Applications. How can I access the course content, are they out yet?


  • Daniel says:

    Hey Eric,

    its already title=”march”… and not even an update in the blog. Could you give at least a status update?


    • ericelliott says:

      Hi Daniel,

      Check out the latest post for an update, or view the official announcement on Kickstarter.

      We’re in the process of adding user accounts and adding course content to the members-only site. Students will receive welcome emails at the email address used for billing after their account has been set up on the course website.

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