How to Find Your Premium Content

If you’re new and you’re not sure where to find things, good news. We’ve added a handy link to the My Account page that your purchase receipts refer you to. From there, you can click the premium content link to take you to the premium content page. There, we’ll link to all the premium content available on the site.

If you’ve just clicked to take a peek, you probably already noticed the next bit of news…

JavaScript Software Testing with Sauce Labs

The first course, “JavaScript Software Testing with Sauce Labs” is rolling out right now and the first lesson is already available. We’ve got more lessons queued up and ready to go. We’ll release the content a little at a time.

More On the Way

We have a lot more content on the way, including a new webcast we’ll announce soon. All webcasts are free for members, so if you haven’t signed up yet, don’t miss out. Get the Lifetime Access Pass while you still can.

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