Learn JavaScript Course Update: New Lessons & Sneak Peeks

Software Testing Course Updates

Software Testing Lessons 1-3 are available now on the members-only premium content page.

Refer Your Team & Get Rewarded

We’re rolling out special pricing for development teams in packs of 3. If there are 9 people on your team, add 3 “High Velocity Team” bundles to your cart, and you’ll get 9 Lifetime Access Passes and 9 copies of “Programming JavaScript Applications”.

Did you already pay for your own pass, but the boss is willing to spring for the team bundles? Have your boss purchase & send a refund request to have your personal account refunded. The request should come from the user who purchased the team bundles, and it should include your username and order number so we can find your account and issue the refund.

High Velocity Development

Need help convincing the boss? Send this blog post and let them know we’ll teach the team the timeless techniques of High Velocity Development, from software testing & continuous delivery through software architecture built for agile, scaleable software. And everybody on your team will get passes that grant access to new courses and bonus material for life as long as they purchase while it’s still in preorder.

What’s available right now?

  • “Programming JavaScript Applications”
  • 3 lessons in the “Software Testing” course (more coming very soon)
  • The ES6 ROAD MAP Webcast recording — an example-rich overview of new ES6 features.

Need help closing the sale? Drop us a support request with your company details and we’ll be happy to schedule a call and answer questions.

Upcoming Webcasts

  • JavaScript Fundamentals – An introduction to JavaScript for new and experienced programmers. New developers will get the building blocks from square one. Experienced developers will get a re-introduction to functions that will illuminate functional programming concepts we’ll cover later.

  • The Two Pillars of JavaScript: Prototypal OO – JavaScript prototypes covered in more depth with more examples than anybody has covered them anywhere. We’ll review why classical inheritance is obsolete and talk about how prototypes and stamps make composition a breeze.

  • The Two Pillars of JavaScript: Functional Programming – Building on the JavaScript Fundamentals material, we’ll cover functional programming in simple language with plenty of examples so you can follow the action.

We’re just getting started. There will be lots more webcasts to come on topics like Node and Universal JavaScript. Watch this space!

Getting Help

Remember, there are helpful people available in the JavaScript Questions chat room, and of course you can always submit a support request if you have any trouble with your account.

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