Introduction to Unit Tests

There is a new module available for the JavaScript Software Testing with Sauce Labs course. Members can sign in and check out Introduction to Unit Tests right away. It features seven new videos, lots of new text, and enough examples and practice exercises to get you up to speed writing basic unit tests.

You’ll learn:

  • Why unit tests are important
  • The role unit tests play in the software development process
  • Five questions every unit test must answer (with a template you can use for your own test)
  • How to use unit tests to plan module APIs
  • Why it’s important to write tests first
  • How you can use GitHub and Travis-CI to run tests automatically for pull requests

You’ll build two utility libraries in the process. One that produces an array of numbers in a given range, and one that produces a generator function that yields numbers in a given range. You’ll write tests for each feature before implementing it. Enjoy!

Free for members. Get started now.

If you’re not a member yet, check out the Lifetime Access Pass. You’ll get access to all materials, including all future materials, for life.

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