Shotgun Episode 4: Live Reloading Browser Previews

A new episode of shotgun is available today:

Shotgun is a new video screencast show that lets you ride shotgun with me while I tackle real programming challenges for real apps and libraries. The show is only available to members of

In this episode, it’s time to see how our component renders in a real browser, and to do that, we’ll pull in browser-sync so we can check out live previews as we save changes in the project.

Our mission is 3-fold:

  1. Install browser-sync.
  2. Create a new Sync script in package.json.
  3. Make sure everything is being styled correctly.

A fun episode, because we get to explore a few of my favorite dev tools, and we get to see the actual component rendering in the browser for the first time.

You’ll also learn about my approach to unit testing the visual style of the application. (Spoiler: I don’t — but there’s a method to the madness).

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