New Lesson: How to Redux

There’s a new lesson on functional programming architecture, only available to members: “How to Redux”.

When I see the way that people are using Redux in real apps, it occurs to me that a lot of people are adding complications to their apps, and not reaping the true benefits of Redux. To find out if you’re reaping the true benefits of Redux and the Flux architecture, honestly answer these questions:

  1. Are my components/views making network requests or maintaining app state?
  2. Are my reducers mutating shared state? See “What is a Pure Function?”
  3. Do I need to mock things to test my components, async actions, or reducers?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” or “I don’t know”, it’s time for a refresher on Flux and Redux architecture. Why we are interested in them in the first place, and how can they make your apps easier to manage?

Maybe you’re already using Redux in your apps, but are you sure you’re using it correctly?

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