New Lesson: ES6 Curry & Composition

There’s a new lesson on functional programming for members. It covers:

  • Curry, partial application, and autocurry
  • Point-free style
  • Function composition
  • The relationship between curry & function composition
  • Debugging compositional flows
  • TDD workflow

This one is full of exercises, and contains 55 minutes of new video content.

The topic of functional programming is really heating up, and a lot of employers are looking for people with functional programming skills. Companies are using FP concepts a lot more to build apps like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and PayPal.

We’re going to take a deeper dive into functional programming. What is it? How is it used in real applications? How can you benefit from functional ideas to make your own apps easier to test, understand, and debug? What on earth are those silly double arrow things you keep seeing in ES6 code, e.g., const add2 = a => b => a + b;?

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