Software Testing Lesson 3: Getting Started

Getting Started

Before we begin, you’re going to need a few things. The good news is, none of it will cost you a penny to get started:

Your Development Environment

  1. You’ll need a good editor. I mentioned I use Sublime Text 3 in the video, but recently I’ve been moving to Atom. I still switch back to Sublime once in a while because it seems to have better multiple selection support, but the Atom team has done impressive work.
  2. Node.js – Install with nvm (free, open source)
  3. Git – Here’s a tutorial to help you get started.

OR, you can skip the local development environment and use an online IDE, instead. Nitrous.IO is my favorite. They have done a really good job of making development easy and fun. You’ll love it if you use something like the very affordable Google Chromebook line.

Hosted Tools