Learn JavaScript Software Testing with Sauce Labs

Learn the Process Secrets of Top Software Developers

The “Learn JavaScript with Eric Elliott” series of courses is launching soon. This month, we’re rolling out access to the first course: “Learn JavaScript Software Testing with Sauce Labs.”

This is a very special course made in partnership with Sauce Labs — the best cloud testing provider in the business.

In it, you’ll learn the secrets that top brands use to develop and deploy products with confidence. The process taught in this course ensures:

  • You are building an app that solves a real problem
  • You can successfully recruit real users to your app
  • The software you build solves the problem correctly
  • You can confidently roll out software updates on an agile schedule

This is basically an online agile-software development startup boot-camp on steroids. You will be able to apply this process to any project you do in the future, regardless of what language the project uses.

The Sauce Bundle – 4 Great Courses for $195!

For a limited time, you can purchase access to the Sauce Bundle, which includes the aforementioned course, “Learn JavaScript Software Testing with Sauce Labs,” as well as:

  1. Prototypal Inheritance (I promise this course will make you see prototypes and oo programming in a whole new light)
  2. Functional Programming (this course will also dip a little into asynchronous programming by combining functional programming with promises)
  3. Intro to Node and Express (emphasis on getting your app production-ready — I’ve contributed to several production Node apps with millions of monthly active users)
  4. My book, “Programming JavaScript Applications” published by O’Reilly (official textbook for these courses)

Buy Sauce Bundle – Only $195

LIMITED – Lifetime All Access Pass

For a very limited time, when you purchase the Sauce Bundle, you’ll be eligible to purchase the Lifetime Upgrade Passan all-access pass to these courses, and all future “Learn JavaScript with Eric Elliott Courses.”

This pass also includes material such as video blogs, full access to all future videos and webinars, etc…

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