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1:1 Mentorship

Live mentoring and pair programming sessions with Eric Elliott:


Each webcast is about 2 hours long.


Functional Programming

JavaScript Software Testing with Sauce Labs

Node & Express

Shotgun with Eric Elliott

Shotgun is a new show that lets you ride shotgun with me while I tackle real programming challenges for real apps and libraries. The show is only available to members of Read the blog post announcement for more detail.

Student Projects

The best way to learn how to code is to code. Gain experience and boost your portfolio by completing these student projects, ranging from simple apps to advanced coding challenges for real open source projects.

Rejection #basic #intermediate #advanced

The game where you have to lose to win! Train yourself to be a better negotiator and win at life by asking for more and learning to appreciate rejection.

Let’s Hangout #basic #intermediate #advanced

Bored? Want to hang out with friends, but not sure who’s available? This app will connect to your favorite social network and allow you to post a hangout invitation status message. It will also collect recent status updates from all your friends looking for similar invitations, and will watch for replies to your status message so you can see who else wants to hang out right now. Once you’ve selected who you want to hang out with, you can post an event update with a time and place to meet.

CheckIn #intermediate

A simple scrum helper app to keep track of what people on your teams are working on, without the scrum meeting.

Teamup #intermediate #advanced

You have a great new project, but you need a team to build it. You can write a project description, create and describe the roles you need to fill, then let users submit applications to join the team. Review applications, and click to accept new collaborators or schedule interviews with applicants.

Runtime rtype parser #advanced

Contribute to an open-source library to add dynamic type checking to JavaScript.