Webcast: The Two Pillars of JS: Composition with Prototypes

Recorded Oct 19th 2015


There are lots of other related links on the Composition Examples page.


JavaScript is built on a foundation with two pillars: Prototypal OO and functional programming. If you lack a good understanding of these pillars, you don’t know JavaScript.

This webcast will answer:

  • What problems can be solved with prototypal OO?
  • What are prototypes?
  • What JS features and techniques support prototypal OO?
  • What is object composition?
  • How do you compose objects with prototypal OO?
  • How can we compose React Components?
  • What is a stamp, and how can stamps help me?

As always, packed with examples you can experiment with.

Approximate length: 2 hours 22 minutes