Get to Know Eric Elliott

Eric Elliott is a veteran of JavaScript application development. He has served as Computer Scientist for the Adobe Creative Cloud team, JavaScript Lead at Tout (social video), head of client side architecture at Zumba Fitness (the leading global fitness brand), author, public speaker, UX consultant, and viral application consultant. He spends his time in the San Francisco bay area with the most beautiful woman in the world.

Want to Work with Eric Elliott?

Eric has contributed to lots of high-profile projects, including Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Tout’s HTML5 video player (used by the Wall Street Journal, New York Post, BBC, etc…), software for half a million bands, including Frank Ocean, Common, & Kings of Leon, and a Zumba Fitness shopping cart makeover that decreased shopping cart abandonment rates by double digits. Samples of working code are on GitHub. Check out “Programming JavaScript Applications” online, or the free video collection on Vimeo. Eric speaks at respected industry conferences such as the O’Reilly Fluent Conference, and Eric completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to launch his JavaScript courses and fight poverty with code.


Take the time to check out the resources available online to determine whether or not Eric’s technical skills are a good fit for your project prior to scheduling interviews. There is plenty of material available online to make this determination. During the actual interview process, the most efficient use of time is to talk about real life problems you are tackling right now.


Line up a series of technical whiteboard / brain-teaser screening interviews with your company’s brightest engineers. Please read “The Technical Interview is Dead, and Nobody Should Mourn.” It doesn’t matter if that’s your company’s standard procedure. Broken processes should be fixed. Consider this Eric’s first contribution to your company culture: The right way to evaluate an engineer is to collaborate on a real world problem. Do some pair programming. Please read “How to Conduct a Better Coding Interview.”

Recruiters: Please Read

Here’s the honest truth: Tech recruiting is an industry desperately in need of disrupting. All seasoned developers with a sizable online footprint and publicly available contact information have to wade through giant pools of recruiter spam to find any real opportunities. If it’s obvious that you don’t know who you’re talking to, your copy-and-pasted job post won’t ever reach Eric’s inbox. He prefers to communicate with top decision makers at a company and tackle the company’s biggest tech challenges to maximize his contribution. Finding the mission is a process, not a job post.

Working with Eric’s Agent:

Some people pride themselves on answering their own email, and Eric has a very profound respect for them, but chooses to work differently. When you contact Eric, you’ll actually be contacting his agent first. She’s amazing at spotting great mutual opportunities, and manages all of Eric’s meetings and bookings. Eric is freed up to do more of the things he is passionate about, like tackling the world’s hardest problems or teaching people how to code.



Different is Good

We realize this is a very different process from what is widely done in the tech world. We’re radically different people doing radically different things. If you are too, please get in touch.